Most business have a website. In fact, we encourage people to have their own domain, website, and online presence. However, with online presence, the business may be subject to laws and regulations.

  • Online Terms and Conditions. All websites should have terms and conditions (or terms of use), regardless of activity. They define the terms of use for users and provide required disclosures to certain groups. If the business has an online store, a services description, or offers any content, terms of use are a must.
  • Privacy Policies. California has a number of privacy laws that must be adhered to. While most businesses are outside the scope of these laws, a privacy policy is required to disclose to website users what the business does with their data.
  • Legal Disclaimers. When selling something online or presenting certain information, certain disclaimers are recommended depending on the website content.
  • Limitation of Liability. Limitations of liability are statements on the website that limit the liability of the business. They are generally needed when the website has a store. Limitation of liability is usually a portion of a sale of goods contract that may be posted online.


Can I draft the online terms and conditions and other documents for the business?

No. If your business is formed as a legal entity, you are not authorized to draft, review, or revise the business legal documents. This is considered unauthorized practice of law. Many do it, they just don’t get caught. These are legal documents, and it is better to entrust this work to a professional.

What do online terms and conditions cover?

When we draft terms and conditions, we address every possible use and misuse of the website or app. The objective is to have a solution and to address all variables for website use.

Why do I need a privacy policy?

A privacy policy is needed to disclose to users of the website how their information is used.

What legal disclaimers do I need?

Disclaimers depend on the website content. Contact our office to learn more.